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SpaceWoman page 685

“I wonder if the woman now out of the car would mind if I used any of her money to buy myself some donuts? Let me think about this. OK, I thought about it. I am sure she would not mind. That line at the register is long.

I wonder if I can give people money to let me move up in line? No, No I can’t do that. That would be as sure as the sun comes up a waste of money. Oh, I suppose I can wait my turn in line.

Or maybe I could yell that I see sally Swish walking by on the side walk. Then I can swoop into the front of the line while everyone is trying to find Sally Swish walking on the sidewalk. I will do that.

Attention everyone. Sally Swish is walking by the bakery. If you don’t know who she is she is one of computer city’s least liked celebrities according to the computer city gazette.

No one moved a muscle in the baker. Not even to scratch an itch. They continued on with what they had been doing.

Oh, I suppose I will have to get in line. Why do I have to get in line? I want my donuts now. I know I can buy a woman’s bag of donuts from a woman who just bought a bag of donuts. Here comes a woman right now.

Excuse me miss can I buy your bag of donuts say for oh, I don’t know one dollar.” Dorothy said.

“No, you most certainly cannot. And I would never sell you my bag of donuts for a dollar since I payed 20 dollars for the donuts.” The woman with the bag of donuts said.

“Wow, expensive. Are the donuts dusted with gold?” Dorothy said.

“I wish they were. I would have felt better about paying so much money for them if they were.” The woman with the bag of donuts said..

SpaceWoman page 1294

“You never thought right before I upset you Naomi. And why should I care if you get upset. You upset me two or three times. You did not care if you got me upset.” The beekeeper said.

“That was different. Now that you are leader more is expected of you. You need to be classy. Not mean. You need to treat everyone with respect.” Naomi said.

“Don’t listen to Naomi. You are the leader. You do what you want. You go girl.” The woman now out of the car said.

“You are right the woman now out of the car.”

“Finally you agree with me the beekeeper. There is a first time for everything.”

“Sure. I want to get a move on. We have got to mosey on out of here. We have been talking for long enough.”

“I wish Diana were here. Wait its not Diana its Dorothy. I wish Dorothy were here. She would have loved this. To bad for her.”

“So I am the leader right. Does that mean I have to push the gas petal button. Or is it the woman now out of the cars job? What is the protocol? Help me.

“Make the woman now out of the car do it.”

“Don’t listen to Naomi.” The woman now out of the car said.

SpaceWoman page 1293

“You volunteered  yourself. If you did not want to be the leader of this mission you should not have volunteered.” Naomi said.

“Don’t yell at me Naomi. I am a fragile weak person. I am frayed easily. And besides I am the boss. I could tell the woman now out of the car to turn you off.” The beekeeper said.

“You wouldn’t dare. You would not dare turn me off. And having the woman now out of the car do your dirty work. I am not sure I want you as leader anymore.”

“So I am leader for two seconds and you already want to throw me out. Just my luck. I have the shortest tenure of any mission leader anywhere. I suppose if a mission leader was on leader for a second they would have me beat. I always wanted to be in the record books for something. Might as well be for that.”

“Wait a second the beekeeper I think you are on to something. I think we would be better without Naomi.”

“You to are screaming to get read of me.  I meant to say scheming to get rid of me. You two got me so upset that i can’t think right.” Naomi sobbed.

SpaceWoman page 1292

“I don’t care if I have to stay here the rest of my useful life. You the woman ow out of the car and not going to lead this mission.” Naomi said.

“And I don’t care if we have to stay here until dinner. As you Naomi are not going to lead the mission.” The woman now out of the car said.

“Can I lead the mission.” The beekeeper said.

“OH, sweetie you are to young. We need someone much older to lead the mission. Someone like me.”

“Naomi I don’t have a problem letting the beekeeper leave I mean lead the mission. Its better than letting you lead.”

“This mission could be a democracy. We could all take a vote as to what to do. We can share responsibility.” The beekeeper said.

“I don’t like that idea. I vote that the beekeeper as leader. Its better than having the woman now out of the car as the leader of this mission.”

“I agree with Naomi. So you the beekeeper you are the leader.” The woman now out of the car said.

“I have never been a leader. I am more of a follower. Do I have to lead.” The beekeeper said.